Project summary
BodyTalk is being used in the Philippines to treat survivors of major environmental disasters, including the super-typhoon of 2015 and the war-torn city of Marawi, attacked by Isis in 2018. Be Healthy, Inc. provides funding for BodyTalk Outreachers so they can work full time at community clinics on several islands to help to stabilize physical, mental and emotional conditions of residents.
Long-term Impact
BodyTalk Outreachers have treated hundreds of evacuees and typhoon survivors using BodyTalk Access energy medicine. The techniques are effective in balancing the body-mind-spirit complex of people impacted by disasters, lifting their spirits without the use of expensive drugs or invasive technology. It also empowers people to care care of themselves and one another.

How we support

In this short video, Marilen Abesamis, one of the initial advocates for getting the BodyTalk Access Outreach program started in the Philippines, gives a brief explanation on how Be Healthy provides support in her country.

Your Support in Action
  • BodyTalk Outreach for Metro Manila Workers
    BodyTalk Outreach for Metro Manila Workers
    Two days ago, June 17, 2017, some thirty-one workers in Metro Manila and their families enjoyed a day of BodyTalk Access Outreach with Access Trainers Remar Soliza and Alan Along. Remar and Alan are two excellent Filipino practitioners who had been painstakingly trained for Outreach by Canadian CBP and BT...
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  • BodyTalk Outreachers
    BodyTalk Outreachers
    I have just returned from travels in the Philippines and have witnessed the strong commitment of BodyTalk Outreachers. I am humbled and impressed by their efforts to bring BodyTalk Access to the neediest, amidst a challenging social and political situation. Thanks to the support of the IBA and...
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  • Marawi Medical Mission
    Marawi Medical Mission
    Two years ago, in 2017, BodyTalk Outreachers went to the war-torn city of Marawi in Lanao del Sur in Mindanao to provide medical support to the survivors of a tragic conflict between ISIS and Philippine Government forces. Last month, in October 2019, the BodyTalk outreachers returned to Marawi and found that...
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