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What we do

Be Healthy, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 2003, that provides healthcare to economically disadvantage communities at the local and international level. Be Healthy is committed to bring healthcare solutions to these communities in an effort to deal with the global healthcare crisis.

  • Provide alternative health care to economically disadvantaged communities around the world
  • Educate healthcare providers with health alternative tools: Access and BodyTalk
  • Offer preventative healthcare to low income population
  • Fund and supports translation of BodyTalk materials into Spanish and Portuguese for use in Central and South America
  • Fund and develop scientific evidence based study to measure the effectiveness of BodyTalk treatments for people suffering from chronic pain in the US.

A Letter from the Founder

Dear Friend and Supporter,

Be Healthy, Inc., a 501©3 not for profit, began in 2003 with a mission to Rio de Janeiro . It enabled us to introduce BodyTalk holistic health services by paying for translations of BodyTalk texts and other related startup expenses. The mission and outreach of Be Healthy has since expanded to the 4 corners of the world with on-going projects in Brazil, South Africa, Peru, the Philippines, Nepal, and the U.S.

In each of these countries, holistic medical techniques including BodyTalk, San Baio acupuncture, and botanical medicine have been taught and shared with local communities. Practitioners have been trained in these natural healthcare techniques, according to a Barefoot Doctors program model, creating a significant impact on chronic health conditions in these countries, including T.B., hepatitis, gastritis and chronic pain conditions.



Our Projects Around the World


Be Healthy has been supporting the Brazilian matrix since 2003 by providing translated materials, reduced prices for treatments and courses, and more...

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Be Healthy funds ongoing projects in the Philippines that educate healthcare workers in the BodyTalk Access program, providing healthcare for local communities...

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In 2014, Be Healthy Inc supported a group of doctors and medical volunteers with a mission trip to Nepal to provide health care to the low income people of Nepal by raising money and providing herbs...

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Be Healthy Inc supported a group of healers on a mission trip to Peru in 2015 by providing healing tools and herbs...

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Be Healthy — Improving Health around the World

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