Project summary
Every year since 2017, Janet Galipo, Holly Steflik, and Lama Glen Mullin, along with a group of medical volunteers from the U.S. and Europe, travel to Nepal and Bhutan with the goal of providing free healthcare holistic medicine and medical supplies to the Nepalese and Tibetan refuge communities.
Long-term Impact
During the annual service trip, over 1,500 children, families, nuns, monks, and elderly are provided high quality holistic medical services. A donation is also awarded to Pure Vision Org which is run by Dr. Sherab and his wife Pema, to continue supporting the local community year-round.
Nepal Film
During our 2019 service trip, veteran photographer Henry Lynk traveled to Nepal for 2 weeks to film the Be Healthy team. We have over 21 hours of footage to review. We want to get the word out that there are no accessible medical services in many corners of the world. Your donation would support our film, as well as our services to Nepal.

How we support

In this short video, Janet Galipo guides you through Nepal and the volunteer work that is being provided there.

Your Support in Action
  • Nepal Service Trip 2017
    Nepal Service Trip 2017
    In 2017, our group of volunteers medical practitioners had the good fortune to travel from the U.S. and Europe to Nepal, joined by Lama Glenn Mullin. The goal of our 2017 Mission to Nepal was to provide free health care to the Nepalese and Tibetan communities. The arrangements were made...
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