About Be Healthy Inc

Be Healthy, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2003 to provide Holistic Health care and Education for the world’s neediest populations. We recognize that, although many worldwide health care organizations offer critical care and emergency care services, there is a critical need for Health care interventions that address long term chronic conditions.

Improving Health around the World

Be Healthy, Inc. operates an international program to provide education and health care for residents of economically disadvantaged countries around the world where public health issues prevail. Our mission began in Brazil in 2003 and extended to South Africa in 2007 and later to the Philippines, Nepal and Peru between 2009 and 2015. Be Healthy continues to fund ongoing projects around the world offering educational programs to healthcare workers, and provides a variety of holistic health care modalities for families and children.

Local Projects

Free and low cost clinic visits have been provided since 2003 to qualifying patients who are economically disadvantaged to receive BodyTalk treatments from our walk-in holistic health center, 2 Be Healthy. BodyTalk is applied as complementary therapy to clients who are unable to work due to chronic illnesses.

BodyTalk — Scientific Study

Evaluation of BodyTalk for Chronic Pain

The first BodyTalk scientific research study was published in the Journal of Pain Management and evaluated the ability of a series of distance BodyTalk treatments to address chronic pain and its associated emotional symptoms.

The study identified statistically significant:

Pain reduction in 73.7% of the treated participants as compared to 31.6% of the untreated control participants.
Improvements in:

  • pain reduction
  • impact of pain
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • fatique
  • overall life satisfaction
  • overall physical health
  • mental health

for participants who received BodyTalk treatments as compared to those that didn’t receive treatment.