Marawi Medical Mission: A BodyTalk Outreach Project

Two years ago, in 2017, BodyTalk Outreachers went to the war-torn city of Marawi in Lanao del Sur in Mindanao to provide medical support to the survivors of a tragic conflict between ISIS and Philippine Government forces.

Last month, in October 2019, the BodyTalk outreachers returned to Marawi and found that 2000 families are still waiting to be relocated tho their former homes. The BodyTalkers were warmly welcomed by young and old, especially in the “Sarangani 2 evacuation center” where evacuees set up a makeshift classroom and clinic in an unfinished mosque.

BodyTalk Marawi

Relocation by the Philippine government has been excruciatingly slow and the once-thriving city is in shambles.  The Outreachers – Alan, Gina, Remr, Gemma, Marie Neritha – have all taken BodyTalk Fundamentals and honed their skills through 6 years of practice among needy communities and those without access to healthcare.

The Outreachers treated hundreds of evacuees from September 12 to 16, and proved to themselves that BodyTalk Access energy medicine works! The techniques are effective in balancing the body-mind-spirit complex of people impacted by disasters, lifting their spirits without the use of expensive drugs or invasive technology, and empowering people to take care of one another.