BodyTalk Outreach during typhoons in 2020

Residents in Marikina, Metro Manila, wait for rescue boats atop the roofs of their houses

The super typhoon Ulysses came on the heels of another super typhoon and forced the opening of two huge irrigation dams in Luzon. Sixty-five people died and at least 10000 homes came under water on November 12, 2020. It became a challenge for BT Outreachers.

Roads in Manila become impassable

Outreacher Gina Lee gives distant sessions to flood survivors using a surrogate. Meanwhile, other outreachers led by Remar Soliza left today for a trip to Cagayan province in the north where the Magat dam also opened, devastating rural communities.

The water rose two feet inside the house of BT practitioner Liz Castro in Antipolo, metro Manila. Members of The BT matrix continue to tap distantly for those made vulnerable by the flooding.

BT practitioners are doing their Access routine every 5 pm and communicating online to update and care for one another.

Thanks to support from Be Healthy Inc and Janet Galipo, Outreachers are able to do work among communities in dire need of healing.