A Letter from the Founder

December 20, 2017

Be Healthy, Inc., a 501©3 not for profit, began in 2003 with a mission to Rio De Janeiro . It enabled us to introduce BodyTalk holistic health services by paying for translations of BodyTalk texts and other related startup expenses. The mission and outreach of Be Healthy has since expanded to the 4 corners of the world with on-going projects in Brazil, South Africa, Peru, the Philippines, Nepal, and the U.S.

In each of these countries, holistic medical techniques including BodyTalk, San Baio acupuncture, and botanical medicine have been taught and shared with local communities. Practitioners have been trained in these natural healthcare techniques, according to a Barefoot Doctors program model, creating a significant impact on chronic health conditions in these countries, including T.B., hepatitis, gastritis and chronic pain conditions.

According to available statistics, chronic disease now accounts for over 50% of worldwide health conditions and that number is expected to increase every year. There are few international organizations addressing long term chronic illness, as their emphasis is on crisis health management. Since its beginning, Be Healthy, Inc. is estimated to have directly and indirectly impacted over 100,000 lives.

From its inception, our organization has been supported by one primary donor. This contributor has been involved both hands on and hands off and has always been very supportive of our worldwide mission. Other, smaller donations have been crucial to the continuation of our work.

For 2018 – 2019, we have goals to greatly expand the outreach of Be Healthy Inc. So many areas of the world, including health concerns in our own country need to be addressed in safe, effective and low-cost programs which will positively impact health and quality of life. We are asking that you consider making a fully tax-deductible contribution before the year’s end.

Please open your hearts as this year draws to a close. We so much want to continue with this crucial work. Thank you from all the worldwide volunteers of Be Healthy.

Warmest regards,

Janet Galipo