Heal Denver

Community Health Project, Colorado, 2018

The value of holistic health clinics in a populated city like Denver cannot be over-emphasized. For 2018, there were close to 3 million residents and rising; it is a challenge for families and individuals to stay centered and balanced. Elza Kosmicki of Advanced Wellness Partners has created community based clinics in conjunction with the not for profits, Sisters of Color and Unity Community Acupuncture. Together, these clinics are offered twice a month and have shared BodyTalk, acupuncture, manual therapy sessions and so much more.

Part of any healing journey is to address the health of the whole person including their mental and emotional functioning. A weekly group healing and BodyTalk presentation has been hosted to enable individuals to receive balancing sessions and to learn breathing practices. This project grew progressively to include 36 participants who explored shared attitudes and beliefs about health and the need for healing within the community.



Elza continued her commitment to teach BodyTalk Access as a self-empowered healing tool to mothers, and families. BodyTalk Access scholarships were awarded to individuals from low income backgrounds. These individuals were directly mentored in providing BodyTalk Access services for the community at large. Various community events were also hosted in conjunction with health fairs to introduce to diverse groups of all ages and backgrounds the benefits of holistic balancing sessions including BodyTalk, Massage, Acupuncture and other non-invasive therapies.

Extending holistic health opportunities to survivors of violent crimes, Elza has joined the Colorado Justice Reform Coalition as part of a steering committee to address health care needs and education for survivors with PTSD. The organization “Colorado for Health Safety and Justice” was created and funds from the Department of Justice have been allocated for treatment and research on trauma from a holistic perspective.