A Pictorial: BodyTalk Outreachers in the Philippines On a Roll

by Marilen Abesamis

I have just returned from travels in the Philippines and have witnessed the strong commitment of BodyTalk Outreachers.  I am humbled and impressed by their efforts to bring BodyTalk Access to the neediest, amidst a challenging social and political situation.  Thanks to the support of the IBA and the Be Healthy Foundation, the work expands!

Neither the scorching summer heat nor the sound of falling bombs deter the team of Outreachers. Yesterday (May 3rd) the team went on an Outreach mission to an under-served community in Teresa, Rizal, a town about 60 miles outside Metro Manila.

Outreacher and BT Philippine President, Annie Lao writes: “It was a hot day!  We had 30-33 people, mostly mothers with their children.  We let them join, and the little ones we put in an area where they could be looked after. The pastor had to bring some of the community leaders using his motorcycle. We taught from 9:30 to 12 at the first meeting (April 26) and covered these topics: Cortices, Switching, Hydration and Body Chemistry. But since it was very hot, we had to stop and serve lunch, so people could go home. We told them to practice at home and prepare for a review.  At next meeting, we plan to finish the lessons — begin with a review, then share testimonials, and continue with the rest — Reciprocals, Fast Aid, and hopefully hand them their certificates.

We picked one person to sponsor for a future Access workshop, and we also kept the option open to come back with the same group and hopefully with others from their sitios (villages).”