Please consider making a tax deductible donation before the year is out and know that your donation will be used to reach out to thousands of individuals with chronic health conditions whose lives will be dramatically and positively impacted! Click the button to DONATE.

This Medical van will be staffed by volunteers and will travel throughout the U.S. offering holistic health sessions including BodyTalk, Acupuncture, Botanical therapy, and Nutrition.

We want to expand our reach to travel to working families and children experiencing chronic health conditions that have not responded to other therapies.

Dear Members and Friends,

On behalf of the Be Healthy Inc Family, I would like to ask you to consider Be Healthy as you make your end of year taxable donations.

Today’s Goal (November 15, 2018): $15,000
Year end Goal: $90,000
Estimated number of Miami residents impacted: Approximately 5,000.

We sometimes hear about large donations being given to hospitals and universities to address current healthcare issues. Sometimes, it’s millions of dollars that will be used to improve drug protocols or surgical procedures.

Since the early 20th century, the goals of the medical system were simply to keep people from dying. The focus was on treating acute illnesses caused by specific diseases, generally localized to an organ system.

Today, the Center for Disease Control estimates that half the adults in the U.S. suffer from a chronic disease that cannot be cured. The cost of treating these diseases represents 75% of current healthcare spending.

Addressing chronic illness requires a different mindset and different treatment methods.

Healthcare is now experiencing a watershed moment where physical and mental conditions must be addressed through patient centered medicine. This includes recognizing the importance and application of integrative therapies.

Setting the idea of millions aside, what could Be Healthy do with $90,000* to bring effective therapies, often resulting in a complete amelioration of symptoms, to thousands suffering with chronic, long term health conditions?

  • Purchase a Mobile Clinic Van. This would enable travel around greater Miami, servicing the minimum wage working population at key, strategic locations such as public libraries and community centers.
  • Sponsor donation days offering free healthcare services to families and residents.
  • Initiate a training program to train families in holistic self-care.


(*)the amount spend, on average, for a 2-week hospital stay for 3 people.