BodyTalk Access Outreach for Metro Manila Workers

Two days ago, June 17, 2017, some thirty-one workers in Metro Manila and their families enjoyed a day of BodyTalk Access Outreach with Access Trainers Remar Soliza and Alan Along. Remar and Alan are two excellent Filipino practitioners who had been painstakingly trained for Outreach by Canadian CBP and BT Access Instructor Dorothy Friesen.

Remar reports, “Most workers in the Philippines are minimum wage earners who hardly make ends meet. With no savings and poor healthcare policies, an extra burden is placed on families when a member gets sick.”

It seems unthinkable, Remar writes, but many workers use their week’s wages only to pay off the past week’s debts. “They go crazy trying to budget and allocate their meager salary.”

Chronic poverty makes BT Access techniques ideal and highly appreciated by families of these factory workers. Currently, most workers receive less than $10 dollars a day, have no health insurance nor easy access to good hospitals.

“Thanks to simple and effective healthcare systems like BT Access,” Remar continues, “a terrible weight is lifted from the shoulders of these workers when they need immediate healthcare. At the same time, it is a joy for us Outreachers to be able to help our brothers and sisters.”

With moral and material support from the Be Healthy Foundation and the IBF, the Outreachers in the Philippines go to healthcare-deprived communities at least once a month. in the past, they have gone to disaster-stricken areas like Tacloban, Davao and Cageyan de Oro — areas were devastated by super typhoons.

In Manila, two Catholic parishes have on going clinics for BT volunteers, supervised by well-trained CBPs. A clinic in Brokenshire Hospital in Davao, is also being planned but the recent imposition of martial law on the region of Mindanao by President Rodrigo Duterte has put plans on hold.

The June 17 Outreach workshop was facilitated by newly minted CBP Judy Dytiandu for the Design Farm Enterprises. The Philippine BodyTalk Association continues to seek capable and committed Outreachers for much-needed work in healthcare.