2009 – Present
From 2009 – Present, Be Healthy Inc. has donated funds to support Access Trainers who go to the Philippines to teach the locals the 5 Access techniques. A healthworker who learned the techniques said

“This BodyTalk therapy is so simple but comprehensive, it mends both body and spirit. Among the poor, there is no problem accepting such a plain modality. In our situation, we cannont afford expensive medicine. Access techniques calls for no drugs, no doctor — it is very timely.”

The BodyTalk Access project in the Philippines is led by Dorothy Friesen and Marilen Abesamic who work with low income communities in Central Luzon where people are suffering serious health issues as a result of the toxic wastes left by the former US military bases.

As part of the project, Access trainers have also visited Manila and have presented the Access technique to selected health care and educational professional, media, and government representatives. And they have also taught Access classes in souther Luzon and the southern island of Mindanao.

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