Global Health Mission 2017

This Global Health Mission Trip offers the opportunity for medical and non-medical practitioners to experience Nepal and be of service to children, families, monks, nuns and the elderly. Practitioners will be offering hands-on + off holistic healing therapies such as acupuncture without needles, moxabustion, medicinal herbs, etc… free of charge.

We also welcome non-medical support volunteers to assist with the clinics.

“Happiness is not something readymade.
It comes from our own actions.” – H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama

OCT 7-20, 2017
Includes hotels, meals, transportation (nepal),
domestic round-trip flights

Check out the details of our trip here:
Nepal 2017 Event Details

Or contact trip coordinators:
Holly Steflik: | (919) 619-0165
Janet Galipo: | (305) 538-8998

Global Health Mission 2014

Janet and Lama
In September 2014, Dr. Janet Galipo went to Nepal on behalf of Be Healthy Inc, and joined a group of 20 healers (Acupuncturists, BodyTalkers, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapist, and other energy healers) who embarked on a 12 day trip through the Himalayas in Nepal, Tibet in order to reach out to the HUMLA Villages that live up in these remote mountains.

The Humla Villages have a staggering 65% malnutrition rate and an annual income of $175 USD per year.

Janet provided Access training, herbal medicine, and BodyTalk/Acupuncture to about 800 villagers.

How Be Healthy Inc helped:

  • Be Healthy provided financial assistance to support Janet Galipo in attending the trip
  • Be Healthy provided 3 dozen herbal tonics to be given out free of charge
  • Be Healthy provided Moxibustion and other supplies to be given out free of charge
  • Be Healthy printed hundreds of pictorial Access manuals to be given out free of charge

Thank you for supporting this mission and for donating to Be Healthy Inc.

Villagers getting treatment
Children in Nepal
Janet and Lama
Nepal Village
Receiving herbs Nepal
Nepal Kids
Nepal Group
Medical Dr providing treatment
Nepal Mother and Child

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