Be Healthy Inc.

Be Healthy Inc

Be Healthy, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2003 to provide BodyTalk healthcare and education for low and moderate income people and public projects at the local and international level. Be Healthy is committed to bring the BodyTalk system forward in an effort to deal with the global health care crisis.

Improving Health around the World

Be Healthy, Inc. created an international program to provide education and health care for residents of economically disadvantaged countries around the world where public health issues prevail. BodyTalk began in Latin America with Brazil in 2003 and continued with Africa in 2007 and Philippines in 2009. Be Healthy continues to fund ongoing projects in the Philippines that educate healthcare workers in the Access program, as preventative healthcare for locals. Be Healthy also funds and supports translation of BodyTalk materials into Spanish and Portuguese for use in Central and South America.

Local Projects

Free and low cost clinic visits have been provided since 2003 to qualifying patients who are on social security or disability income to receive BodyTalk treatments from Janet Galipo’s private clinic in Miami, FL. BodyTalk is applied as complementary therapy to clients who are unable to work due to chronic illnesses.

BodyTalk Scientific Study

Beginning in 2010, Be Healthy began funding and developing a scientific evidence based study to measure the effectiveness of BodyTalk treatments for people suffering from chronic pain in the US.

What is The BodyTalk System?

BodyTalk can be described as the natural, safe, and swift way to bring a body back to its optimum health. It integrates ideas found in ancient philosophies and modern science to create a simple yet very effective energy healing system.

The basis for BodyTalk relies on the idea that our bodies function as a whole, and in order to maintain health, communication must be able to flow throughout every part of our body. Factors such as stress or anxiety can cause parts of our body to shut down, and what BodyTalk does is re-connect and re-synchronize the body so it can function like it was designed to: optimally!